Fondazione Adecco for a better world of work

Fondazione Adecco is a private organization, founded in 2001, committed to making the world of work a fairer and more accessible place by spreading the values of equal opportunity, right to work, diversity, equity, inclusion and non-discrimination.

For more than 20 years, we have been offering vulnerable and marginalized people the opportunities and tools to understand and enhance their talents in the professional context. 

We work side by side with companies to spread the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and develop everyone’s potential, thus helping to create a work environment that can successfully and permanently ensure an inclusive culture. 

Along with other Foundations, we want to build social innovation projects focused on work, which is an extraordinary way to guarantee inclusion and restore dignity.

Our job coaching, training and education projects are focused on the beneficiaries and their professional and social inclusion process.

We aim to provide the people we meet with the resources, skills and awareness needed to (re)enter the world of work, discover and maximize their talents, and find their independence – both personal and financial – and peace of mind.

Our focus is on people with disabilities, young NEETs, disadvantaged women, refugees and asylum seekers, and new poverty.

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